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Off-road vehicles

Last updated: 1/07/2016 4:57 PM
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The Department of Local Government and Communities (DLGC) is responsible for administering the Control of Vehicles (Off-road areas) Act 1978. The Act and associated regulations apply throughout Western Australia. These are available at the State Law Publisher.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is appointed under the Act and is responsible for providing advice and recommendations to the Minister for Local Government in relation to the use of land by off-road vehicles, including the declaration of prohibited and permitted areas.

Off-road vehicles

The Act provides for areas where the use of off-road vehicles is permitted and prohibited as well as requirements for the registration of off-road vehicles. All vehicles that are not licensed under the Road Traffic Act 1974 or used exclusively on private land by consent of the owner are required to be registered as off-road vehicles. While registering an off-road vehicle is a legal requirement, it will also assist with theft reduction, allow for more accurate planning for the future needs of off-road vehicle users, and will contribute to funding toward the development and improvements of designated off-road vehicle areas in WA.

Local laws

Local governments can enact local laws and are responsible for enforcement of the Act. Local laws enacted by a local government apply only to the area administered by that local government and are not State-wide laws. Information about local laws relating to permitted/prohibited areas for off-road vehicles can be obtained from the relevant local government.

Off-road vehicle registration

Members of the public with queries about registering their vehicle can visit the Department of Transport website.