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Country Local Government Capacity Building Program

Last updated: 7/03/2017 7:38 PM
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​Additional funding of $5.4 million has been provided through the Royalties for Regions Country Local Government Fund for the Department of Local Government and Communities' (DLGC's) Local Government Capacity Building Program for country local governments during 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

The five initiatives include:

Community Development Program

The community development program will increase the capacity of country local governments to deliver community development activities and improve partnerships with the community sector. The program offers a series of training workshops, a grants program and scholarships.

Youth Development Program

The Youth Development Program will contribute to the attraction and retention of individuals aged up to 30 years old who are employed in the local government sector. The program includes a traineeship initiative to create entry-level positions for young people in local governments, as well as training workshops and scholarships for individuals aged up to 30 years who are currently employed by a country local government.

Service Delivery Reviews

The service delivery review initiative will assist country local governments in balancing revenue constraints with increasing demand for a wider range of community services.  This involves consideration of aspirational targets, such as the construction of new community infrastructure or expansion of a community service, elected member expectations and what can be done with existing resources. A series of training workshops will be conducted in country and metropolitan locations.

Governance Review Program 

The Governance Review Program will assist selected local governments with higher level improvements in their governance policies, procedures and processes. The initiative will focus on governance probity, transparency and accountability, and consolidation of procedures and processes, especially in the areas of financial management, procurement, risk mitigation and efficiency. DLGC will utilise an existing customised Governance Review Program to deliver this initiative.

Online Local Government Management Information Tool

This initiative will provide a web-based, online data collection and information management tool which will enable local governments to enter data and readily access essential information for the planning and review of their services and operations and to meet legislative requirements.

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See Circular 15-2016: New Local Government Capacity Building Initiatives 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 for more information about these initiatives.