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Life in Pictures short film competition

Last updated: 12/05/2017 12:53 AM
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Life in Pictures short film competitionLife in Pictures is a competition inviting movie makers from all sections of the WA community to challenge perceptions of ageing using the medium of short film.

The initiative is a creative collaboration between the Department of Local Government and Communities (DLGC), Revelation Perth International Film Festival and Screenwest.  

It encourages people – the film makers and the viewers – to stop and think about how society views growing older while aiming to stimulate discussion about ageing in a positive way.

Winners will be chosen from three categories, with the opportunity to have their short film featured at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival. 

To enter, and for more information, visit Life in Pictures on the Revelation Perth International Film Festival website.

There is now extra time to enter, with the closing time extended. Entries close 5.00pm, Wednesday 14 June 2017. 

International endorsement

Life in Pictures was conceived by WA's Age Friendly Interagency Group (AFIG) at last year's Age-friendly WA Workshop.  The competition has been endorsed by Dr Jane Barratt, keynote speaker at the workshop, and Secretary General of the International Federation on Ageing (IFA). 

"Who you are and what you stand for is far more important than how old you are, yet the insidious nature of ageism still permeates our society. Taking a stand against ageism is an investment in your future as well as across all generations in front and behind.  

"The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) is working towards a world of healthy older people whose rights and choices are both protected and respected. 

"Achieving this vision requires the dismantling of ageist attitudes, which permeate the lives of older people and prevent society from respecting their right to adequate services. The IFA recognises the unique capacity of older people to bring value to their communities, and encourages others to respect this capacity with the older people in their lives."

Dr Jane Barratt, Secretary General, International Federation on Ageing

Life in Pictures is also supported by the World Health Organisation.

"Negative attitudes and stereotypes about ageing and older people are widespread and have been found to impact seriously on health and wellbeing. Unlike other forms of discrimination, including sexism and racism, ageism (stereotyping or discrimination based on age) is largely accepted and commonly unchallenged because of its implicit and mostly subconscious nature. Negative attitudes impact seriously on our health. 

"Congratulations to the Department of Local Government and Communities for their foresight in hosting the 'Life in Pictures' short film competition in order to raise awareness and challenge misconceptions about ageing and older people. Through events, such as this festival, we can challenge existing social norms and help create more prosperous, equitable and healthier societies." 

Alana Officer, Senior Health Adviser for the World Health Organisation and coordinator of the Global Campaign to Combat Ageism


Ambassador for Positive Ageing Jenny DavisAmbassador for Positive Ageing
Jenny Davis is the 2017 Ambassador for Positive Ageing and a vocal supporter of Life In Pictures. Jenny trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London before arriving in Australia in 1976. She has been prominent in the Perth theatre industry as an actor and director ever since, working extensively with major theatre companies in everything from Shakespeare to classics, cutting edge drama, comedy and farce. As a performer Jenny has toured nationally and internationally and was the artistic director of the WA Youth Theatre for 10 years. In 1993, Jenny founded Agelink Theatre, a reminiscence theatre company which creates shows based on oral histories and Western Australian history. In 2016, Jenny received the 2016 Juniper Seniors Champion award at the WA Seniors Awards, recognising her outstanding achievements as a senior.
Life in Pictures Sponsors: Life, Perth International Film Festival, Screenwest and International