​Funded and delivered by DLGC, the Metropolitan Local Government Capacity Building program will improve local government service delivery, community planning and partnerships, and support the professional development of young people working in local governments across the Perth metropolitan area. The program is made up of three initiatives.

Community Development Program

The Community Development Program will increase the capacity of metropolitan local governments to deliver community development activities and improve partnerships with the community sector. The program offers training workshops for managers and elected members and scholarships for staff education.

Youth Development Program

The Youth Development Program offers metropolitan local governments support to attract and retain people under 30 years of age in the local government sector. Traineeships and scholarships are available to help local governments create new opportunities for younger employees and fund training for existing staff. Free training workshops for local government employees under 30 years of age will help younger staff members develop their leadership skills and prepare them for a fulfilling career in local government.

Service Delivery Reviews

The Service Delivery Reviews initiative will assist metropolitan local governments in balancing revenue constraints with the increasing demand for a wider range of community services. The review will help local governments plan for the future, getting the most out of existing resources, developing new infrastructure, expanding community services and infrastructure and working towards achieving longer term aspirational goals.