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Grant recipients

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Project Desciption
Anzac Day Trust Grants2017Defence Force Welfare Association (WA Branch) Inc

​The Defence Force Welfare Association (WA Branch) Inc supports all service and non-serving and familiy members of the Australian Defence Force. The organisation funding towards: PTSD assistance dog training, outreach assistance, social outing to SAS historical museum, Christmas Lunch 2018.

Anzac Day Trust Grants2017Working Spirit Ltd

Working Spirit Ltd is a not for profit charity who's goal is to raise awareness of veteran employability to businesses both in the Public and Private Sector in Western Australia whilst highlighting the workforce potential of these military veterans. The organisation is seeking funding towards: networking events, Military to Civilian Transition Summits, administration costs, printing materials and salary.

Anzac Day Trust Grants2017Soldier On - WA Office

​Soldier on WA was founded in 2012 and support serving and ex-service contemporary veterans and their families who have served since 1990. The organisation requested funds to go towards: Womens Advernture & Well Being Weekend, book club, yoga courses, surf camp, couples evenings, wages and salaries, 'on costs' and Incidentals.

Anzac Day Trust Grants2017Australian Army Training Team Vietnam WA Branch

​The Australian Army Training Team Vietnam WA Branch holds events and support vietnam veterans and their families. The organisation requested funds towards the AATTV Commemorative lunch, venue hire and Ink.

Anzac Day Trust Grants2017The Returned and Services League of Australia WA Branch Inc.

​The Returned and Services League of Australia WA Branch Inc (RSL) provides services and facilities for eligible recipients in the provision of welfare, counselling, advocacy and pension services. The group also provides hardship grants towards food vouchers, utility services, emergency accomodation and family counselling. The organisation requested funding towards the delivery of these services as well as being able to conduct commemoration services and printing of publications.

Anzac Day Trust Grants2017Torchbearers for Legacy in WA Incorporated (Perth Legacy)

​The Torchbearers for Legacy in WA Incorporated (Perth Legacy) is dedicated to caring for the families of incapacitated and deceased military veterans. The organisation requested funding for the following projects: Legacy Living History/Heritage Project, Veterans Family mental health service delivery program, 'Caring for Widows' Emergency Special Aid Program, Legacy Families Respite (holiday) Camp, Legacy WA 90th Anniversay Project and the WA Legacy Great War Commemoration Program.

Anzac Day Trust Grants2017Navy Clearance Diver trust (NCDT)

​The Navy Clearance Diver Trust aims to provide relief to current and former members of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Clearance Diving Branch and their dependants, who become deceased, damaged or permanently disabled in, or as a result of, their service or training. Funding is for the following projects: awareness raising and promotional materials, upgrade of NCDT website, printing material, and graphic design and photography support.

Anzac Day Trust Grants2017Western Australian Branch of the Partners of Veterans Association of Australia Inc

​The Western Australian Branch of the Partners of Veterans Association of Australia Inc provide support services to partners of ex service personnel and war widows. The organisation requested funding for a variety of activities including bus hire transport, advertising, administration costs and meals.

Grants for Women Program2018/2019Yawoorroong Miriuwung Gajerrong Yirreb Noon Dawang Aboriginal Corporation

​MG Corporation are holding the Kununurra Women's Business event over a sevend ay period.  As Womens' Business in Aborignal culture is sacred and sensitive, full project plans have not been made available but the project aims to have a focus on womens leadership components including cultural knowledge sharing from elders, leadership discussions and cultural practices.

Grants for Women Program2018/2019City of Albany

​The City of Albany will partner with Albany Youth Support Association, Anglicare Albany and various seniors groups to identify the needs of women in three cohorts in terms of facilitating economic independence and improving financial planning and literacy skills. 'Skilled 4 Life' consultants will be engaged to deliver three workshops over five days to groups of approximately 20 women per workshop.

Great Southern
Grants for Women Program2017/2018Desert Blue Connect Inc

​The project aims to elevate the participation of women in positions of leadership across business, government and non-government and community sectors in Geraldton and the Midwest. The workshop will assist women develop their leadership capacity by providing them with the skills to communicate effectively and professionally to audiences. 

The project aims to increase the confidence of women so they can be supported and encouraged to pursue leadership positions. The project will provide opportunity for the development of a leadership and/or public speaking group for Midwest women that can provide further professional development and support for women.

Mid West
Grants for Women Program2017/2018South West Counselling Inc.

The aim of the project is to improve the financial literacy and independence for women who reside in the South West  region of WA. The project will deliver workshops in Busselton, Margaret River, Bridgetown and Manjimup and will be delivered by South West Counselling Inc with support from the Busselton based Anglicare Financial Counselling Serivce.

Women who attend the workshops will have an opportunity to increase their capacity and knowledge for a more financially stable/sustainable future.

South West
Grants for Women Program2017/2018Enterprise Learning Projects

​This project will focus on supporting the development and succession planning of the Tramulla Strong Women’s Group’s leadership and governance by articulating a formal strategic vision and structure for the group within the community. This will be the first step to implementing a formal governance framework and up-skilling the group’s financial literacy towards longer-term incorporation as an Aboriginal corporation.

Grants for Women Program2017/2018South West Women's Health and Information Centre

​The aim is to foster leadership and economic independence skills in women who live in rural towns in the south west of WA. The main strategy is to form a SNUG network in the south west of such groups where women’s leadership and economic independence is developed through participant exchange and group leader facilitation. The network is comprised of SNUG groups in these towns – Donnybrook, Bridgetown/Manjimup, Harvey/ Yarloop, Capel and Nannup. The outcome will be an increase in leadership, confidence and economic choices in each group who will operate by meeting once a month in a CRC or Library and then meet once every three months with one or more other SNUG groups.

South West
Grants for Women Program2017/2018Serpentine Jarrahdale Food and Farm Alliance Inc.

​​The aim of the project is to hold a series of six workshops around producing and marketing food that empowers women and that will provide business and economic information required to promote entrepreneurship and opporunities of gaining greater economic independence.

The workshops will also provide the opportunity for women to learn from other women already providing leadership in food production and maketing and creating potential food related businessess together with exposing participants to the latest technologies for enhancing farm productivity.

Grants for Women Program2017/2018Dowerin Events Management Inc

​The Dowerin GWN7 Machinary Field Days is an agricultrual expo that attracts in excess of 700 businessess and 24,000 visitors each year. The theme of 2018 is "Women in Agriculture" which aims to strengthen the postitive profile of women and celebrate their contribution to agriculture and rural business. The project will also promote agriculture as a career path and a "Women in Rural Business" netowrking luncheon will be held to inspire, connect and unite rural women. The luncheon will support and encourage women to pursue leadership positions within  the agricultural industry and rural communities.

Grants for Women Program2017/2018Ishar Multicultural Women's Health Centre Inc.

​Ishar Multicultural Womens Health Centre Inc are auspicing the Abigail Mamas Inc to organise a 2-day conference to be held in the Multicultural Centre at Herb Graham Recreation Centre for women from the African communities. The event will focus on: leadership, employment & financial independence, legal rights and responsibilities, communication & social interaction, managing family relationships, addressing domestic & family violence, resolving community conflict.

Speakers with particular expertise in elements of the areas listed above will be in attendance and able to address these in a highly interactive and culturally sensitive manner appropriate to the target audience. the event will also provide opportunity for the women to mingle, share experiences, and talk informally with the speakers.

Metropolitan - North West
Grants for Women Program2017/2018Fairbridge Western Australia Inc.

​Fairbridge's Women LEF (Leadership, Engagement, Development) program wil provide placements over a ten week term for 10 young women to obtain a Certificate 1 accreditation and develop leadership skills, while experiencing units in hospitality, construction, conservation and land management.

The program aims to provide a learning environment where women can experience a trade environment to see if it suits their skills and abilities and will be assisted with job seeking on completion.

Youth Engagement Grant Program2017/2018The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth Corporation Sole

​The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth, on behalf of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry and Council, will engage young Aboriginal people and their friends in a series of country outings to increase knowledge of Aboriginal culture and reconciliation. 

Participants will visit places of cultural significance and engage in activities, such as cultural walks led by Elders, to learn how the sites are connected to cultural identity and the six Noongar seasons.

Young people will be involved in the design and management of the program through a youth committee, with the assistance of community leaders.

The program focuses on youth empowerment by increasing cultural knowledge and connection to develop skills of leadership, communication and team work.

Youth Engagement Grant Program2017/2018WA Community Change Group Inc.

​The WA Community Change Group Inc. will deliver a ten-session DRUMBEAT workshop series for young people in the South West, specifically targeting young Aboriginal girls.

The project aims to engage children and young people, resistant to talk based approaches, to foster improved levels of personal and social confidence and develop social skills through hand drumming.  Participants will engage in analogies and metaphor to raise awareness of the factors that support healthy relationships and support a reduction in the social isolation that is commonly experienced by alienated young people.

South West
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