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Project Desciption
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017Shire of Wagin
The Shire of Wagin will host a series of workshops on a range of topics that were determined through a survey of local seniors. These workshops will include such topics as, guardianship, advocacy, power of attorney, wills and estates, transition into care facilities, swimming pool exercises, gopher maintenance and driving tips. Relevant agencies will conduct a morning workshop at the Home and Community Care and an afternoon session of the same workshops will be held at the Waratah Lodge. Clients, families, and any other interest parties may attend the sessions.
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017Shire of Victoria Plains
The Shire of Victoria Plains will implement a health and exercise program to aid in the prevention of injury and improve the physical and mental wellbeing of local seniors. Group exercise classes will be developed and delivered by a local fitness instructor to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and flexibility. The sessions will also provide an opportunity for social interaction with other community members. The project aims to assist seniors remain living in their homes and community for longer through increased strength and wellbeing.
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017Shire of Nannup
The Shire of Nannup will undertake a home maintenance program for seniors in need and who live in the shire. The project will include, but is not limited to, home maintenance, gardening, fire preparedness, changing smoke detectors, providing firewood, and cleaning windows. Consultation with seniors has identified that they do not want to ask for assistance. The program targets senior residents who do not qualify for the Nannup Community Care assistance or services to help them to remain living in Nannup and to improve socialisation and connection to the community. A project officer will be appointed to administer and promote the program within the community.
South West
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017Shire of Capel
The Shire of Capel will implement a three-tier program to meet the needs of seniors, in response to community feedback acquired during the age-friendly communities planning. The Shire will provide: (1) transport to enable seniors who reside in the Shire to complete their weekly shopping and attend medical appointments in the City of Bunbury. (2) computer lessons that enable seniors to be included in the information and communication technologies. (3) social outings to encourage seniors to forge social relationships with other seniors who live in the community.
South West
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017City of Busselton
The City of Busselton will implement digital literacy education to upskill seniors and increase their technological resilience. Seniors will have increased confidence, skills and online safety when using digital technology. The project aims to enhance the City’s ability to recognise the great diversity among older people, promote their decisions and lifestyle choices, and anticipate and respond flexibly to age-related needs and preferences.
South West
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes
The Shire of Bridgetown Greenbushes will provide intra-Shire transport at no cost to users for a six-month period to assess the feasibility and popularity of a regular public transport link between towns in the Shire. A working group of senior community members and service providers will be established for community consultation and continual improvement.
South West
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017City of Mandurah
The City of Mandurah will conduct an intergenerational project that brings together children and seniors to participate in storytime sessions in the local libraries, care facilities, and public places. The project will provide opportunities and services for seniors and their carers and families to socialise together and provide sharing activities with children. Research demonstrates that socialising with other generations can have a positive impact on an older person’s memory and mental abilities. The project advocates for community members to volunteer and work alongside people with dementia to decrease negative stereotypes about the older population and increase social skills throughout the community.
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017City of Greater Geraldton
The City of Greater Geraldton will implement a program that encourages local enterprises to apply to become registered Senior User-friendly Businesses (SUB). This will ensure that a business provides customer service that acknowledges the needs of older people and assists seniors to access goods and services. The project aims to contribute to creating a city that adapts its structures and services to be accessible to and inclusive of older people.
Mid West
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017City of Melville
The City of Melville, in collaboration with the City of Belmont, will develop and implement a pilot project that creates opportunities for vulnerable seniors through engagement and social participation. The project aims to build community capacity in order to better-respond to individuals who are at risk of social isolation. The project will provide local connectors who will promote the project throughout the community to raise awareness of age-friendly communities and to attract participation by local volunteers. A referral point for people at risk of social isolation will be developed by ConnectGroups by expanding their current database to include the community organisations and activities within the City of Melville.
Metropolitan - South West
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017City of Fremantle
The City of Fremantle will implement the Garden Party Collective project that provides an opportunity for younger seniors to become local community change-makers and community connectors. The neighbourhood is an ideal framework to enable and promote the benefits of getting together without any other purpose than conversing between likeminded residents. The regular gatherings will be the mechanism to develop micro-communities where seniors are empowered to lead. The program will provide a safe, inclusive and positive environment, encouraging active participation and intergenerational exchange.
Metropolitan - South West
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017City of Belmont
The City of Belmont will implement an intergenerational project to create opportunities for both younger and older people to engage in exchanging skills, sharing life experiences and the development of greater confidence in order to communicate across generations. A facilitator will be engaged to lead the sessions of the program and a number of volunteers will be recruited to provide additional support. Through the building of relationships and the sharing of skills and knowledge, participants will gain a greater understanding of the diversity of the community they live in.
Metropolitan - South East
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017City of Stirling
The City of Stirling will develop a multicultural seniors club that meets weekly to participate in a range of socially, physically and mentally stimulating activities. The program aims to empower the CaLD seniors in the community to live and age well in Australia. Social excursions will be included for seniors to identify local areas of interest, educational opportunities, and experience WA. Sessions for cultural sharing will be facilitated through storytelling, pictures, and slideshows, to encourage participants to get to know each other’s culture and promote respect and harmony.
Metropolitan - North West
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017City of Joondalup
The City of Joondalup, in partnership with the Cities of Stirling and Wanneroo, will implement a collaborative initiative that supports seniors to use public transport when other transport options may no longer be available to them. Two training programs will be delivered to 120 volunteers, who will then be partnered with one or more seniors to teach them how to use public transport. The project aims to increase the capacity of older people to use public transport and reduce the economic, social and other associated barriers (real or perceived) linked to transport for seniors.
Metropolitan - North West
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017City of Joondalup
The City of Joondalup will implement a holistic communication campaign designed to raise community awareness of support, services and information that is available to seniors. The project will provide information directly to seniors and support them to be more self-sufficient to find information that is relevant and important to them.The intent of the program is to make a significant difference to the everyday health and wellbeing of seniors, enhance connections with their local community, and allow them to make informed choices.
Metropolitan - North West
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017Shire of Cunderdin
The Shire of Cunderdin, in collaboration with the Shire of Tammin, will develop an Age-Friendly Communities Plan, to address the highest ranked areas of need within the communities of Cunderdin, Meckering and Tammin, as identified by the World Health Organisation. The Wheatbelt has an ageing population profile, with more than 15% of people aged 65 and above, and there is a need to cater for this demographic. The adoption of an age-friendly approach to planning would include the direct involvement of older people in deciding their priorities, needs and desires. The Shire is currently finalising plans for aged-accommodation and independent living units to be built behind the shopping precinct and there is a requirement to ensure that the various facilities are well-connected and accessible.
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017Pilbara Regional Council
The Pilbara Regional Council (PRC), with support from the Shire of East Pilbara, will adopt an age- and dementia-friendly approach to planning. This project will enable the Pilbara to anticipate and respond to the needs of seniors in the region, and promote inclusion and contribution of older people in all areas of community life. Pilbara residents aged 65 and above face challenges including cost of living, accommodation options, health care access, and relative isolation from family and friends. The community and seniors will benefit from consultative workshops that give them the opportunity to contribute to the development of their region. The project will act as a pilot for the region, with the intention of proposing the Karratha, Ashburton and Port Hedland local government authorities join the program in the following financial year.
Age-Friendly Communities Local Government Grants Program2016/2017Town of Cambridge
The Town of Cambridge will undertake an Age-Friendly Community Plan to research community needs for senior services and inform a senior services strategy for the next five years. In 2011, 22% of the population were people aged 50 to 59 years in the town and 11.9% were aged 70 years and above.This project will provide opportunity for seniors, carers and local businesses to actively participate in, and contribute to, future planning that directly impacts their community needs and wellbeing. This group will be invited to provide information that will form a needs-analysis to identify gaps in the eight essential areas for living, as determined by the World Health Organisation. As documented in the strategic community plan, the town is committed to building a strong, diverse and respectful community that is proactive, accessible and welcoming for all.
Metropolitan - North West
Grants for Women Program2016/2017Shire of Corrigin
The Shire of Corrigin will conduct the CORRIGIN ‘Farming and Files’ Women Workshop project. Women who provide administrative support to family farms will be invited to attend a workshop that aims to make their jobs easier through the use of more efficient and streamlined processes. The workshop will cover topics including record keeping, mail sorting, system management, office design and essential equipment. Each participant will receive a take home pack with useful information and product samples.
Grants for Women Program2016/2017Shire of Wongan-Ballidu
The Shire of Wongan-Ballidu will conduct the Leading Wheatbelt Women "Taking the Next Step" project. Women residing in the Wheatbelt region will be invited to attend a two day retreat that will focus on the development of business marketing skills through social media and the internet. Participants will learn how to create and manage their own websites and blogs, and gain skills to help them market and promote their businesses through social media outlets.
Grants for Women Program2016/2017The Liebe Group
The Liebe Group will conduct the Encouraging Leadership and Learning in Liebe Ladies project. The organisation will host a one day leadership forum, financial management workshop and local business tour with women residing in the Northern Agricultural Region of WA. The project aims to support regional women to increase their capacity and knowledge to build a sustainable future for their families, farming businesses and the agricultural community.
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