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Local Government Act Review

Last updated: 31/01/2018 10:56 PM
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Agile, smart, inclusive – Local Governments for the future

For the first time in more than 20 years, the Local Government Act 1995 is being reviewed to modernise the Act so that it meets the current and future needs of the Western Australian community and local government sector. A consultation paper for phase one of the review is now available online for public comment.

To learn more about the review and topics included in the paper, attend one of our consultation workshops during November and December 2017. 

Phase one of the review will focus on four key areas:

  • Electronic availability of information
  • Meeting public expectations for accountability, including gift disclosures
  • Meeting community expectations of standards, ethics and performance
  • Building capacity.

Local governments and the community are invited to have their say throughout the consultation period. The Phase one discussion paper was released on 8 November 2017 and is open for comment until 9 March 2018.